[Noisebridge-board] donation bin tables on the wiki

Noisebridge Treasurer treasurer at noisebridge.net
Thu Nov 25 01:21:11 UTC 2010

So I notice a vague emergent structure for tracking our donation/sales
bins. I'm all for it. Let's agree on some basic standards of behavior.

Looks like so far we have:

Do we want one for tshirt income as well?

These appear to be mostly due to the benevolent OCD of Al, but I'm
pleased to see Miloh and Mitch in the tables as well.

I don't expect to have clean records in xero for 2010 as far as
revenues go, but let's try to make this happen for 2011. I've figured
out how to track beverage, tshirt, and donation income separately in
xero, and it's relatively easy. Can I get a commitment from you guys
to separate these three income sources when you make deposits? If you
are doing online transfers and can do so with little additional
hassle, it's nice for me if you put them in separate transactions.
Otherwise, send an email to treasurer at noisebridge.net with the total
deposit amount (so I can search for it later) and line items for each
of the income components.

And not to belabor the point, but membership dues (yours or otherwise)
should also be specifically annotated. Member name, amount, what month
the dues are supposed to be for.

Thank you all so much for your support. The books are really shaping
up. Soon I will be able to provide all kinds of lovely statistics in
my treasurer's reports.


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