[Noisebridge-board] Can I get a receipt for my 2010 dues?

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> FYI, Jof, there is an official database of members, and I keep it. In
> the future, it will be kept by the secretary. Ryan I suggest that you
> ask a friend to bring up your situation as a proxy at a membership
> meeting. You can put it up as a discussion item on the wiki yourself,
> and I will probably be there to relay this conversation, but it would
> probably be good if you had a proxy there.
> Since it's not a clear-cut situation, I'd prefer to defer to the
> membership. According to the instructions on the wiki (I just edited
> it to change this) contacting a board member is a legit "official" way
> to abdicate your membership. It now says "treasurer and secretary"
> which is a little closer to the actual record-keeping. In theory it's
> totally fine if people abdicate via the president or a board member,
> but they would need to then relay that info to me and the secretary.
> Ryan, I really doubt that there would be any issues with reinstating
> you as a member, but I like to respect the consensus on this sort of
> thing. Especially since you can resume regular donations any time, and
> the only difference that being an official member provides is that you
> will be able to "participate fully in the consensus process" as they
> say.
> See https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Membership/FAQ and
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Membership etc regarding membership
> vs being a regular donor.
> -Kelly

This response is a really well written description of a sensible (to me)
noisebridge process and needs to be kept as a best practices example for
future officers

Thanks for putting the time into this response, Kelly.

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