[Noisebridge-board] Noisebridge Blog! I wants it!

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 05:48:57 UTC 2011

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 10:34 PM, Kelly <hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm kind of amazed that everyone finds this, the status quo, to be
> acceptable and not at all bizarre. I'm trying to wrap my head around
> this so bear with me.

who is the every one?

> I think that I have no interest in Noisebridge Planet. It aggregates
> blog posts from noisebridgey people. I don't have a blog, and thus do
> not care to have my blog aggregated in the Noisebridge Planet.
> I'm also not into segregating the noisebridge darkroom projects into a
> separate blog. Thanks though.
> It sounds like Andy is saying that posts about projects being done at
> Noisebridge are more appropriate to go on Planet than on
> blog.noisebridge. I disagree with this. blog.noisebridge has very
> little on it, which speaks poorly of us, and what it does have on it
> are more or less Noisebridge projects. In any case, I'd like to blog
> about other people's noisebridge projects as well.
check for rubin's reply.  he'll give you an account on the wp install at
blog.noisebridge.net in the morning.

> So, I think to sum up my goals:
> -I'd like to blog about things going on at Noisebridge.
> -I don't really have any interest in having my own blog where I
> like... cultivate my personality and stuff or whatever it is bloggers
> do.

lol great backhand assessment of blogging.

-Most of the Noisebridge things I'd like to blog about are
> project-centered, but honestly everything at noisebridge is
> project-centered to me.
> -I'd like to do this on blog.noisebridge
yes.  I have an account there too and have long neglected it.  reporting on
projects on the blog sounds like a good idea.  the nb wiki, or any wiki that
I know of. are not great places for 1st person style report backs...

> I would prefer not to have a public blog and have noisebridge
> aggregate it into blog.noisebridge, but I can register a wordpress
> account if that's the only way we're doing it. I was under the
> impression though that some people can just log in and blog on
> blog.noisebridge.
yup, you can.  Check with Rubin in the morning (or the night w/r/t PST, time
difference and all)

> I can bring this up at a meeting if people want to discuss it, but it
> seems like thus far everything has been done very back-channel.
> Actually, I'd add to my goals that I'd like to make a wiki page
> explaining how our blog works and how to get on it. Is that a bad
> idea? Do we like it being a closed process that only the cool kids
> know about?

heh in my opinion back channels were chosen when this wasn't asked on
nb-discuss.  sorry it isn't easier, lets make it easier!    if you want to
set up a wordpress install with open registration at something like
therealnoisebridgeblog.noisebridge.net, then from what I understand, you

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