[Noisebridge-board] minionry update: thank you note time

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 09:39:38 UTC 2011

I donated some cash in 2008, 2009, and 2010, and never received any thank you letters.  I assume if I didn't receive any donation letters, that nobody did.  So, we should probably send out thank you letters for all donations for which we do not have explicit confirmation that one was sent, for all of Noisebridge's history (since our 501(c)(3) is retroactive to the time we became incorporated).
(Greetings from Berlin!)

> From: treasurer at noisebridge.net
> Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 18:42:30 -0500
> Subject: minionry update: thank you note time
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> Hey everyone.
> I'm almost done with the reconciliation for Dec. It's been brutal. Way
> more transactions than usual and lots of undocumented stuff. I usually
> post to the board list when I have irregularities I don't know how to
> deal with, so I'll spare you guys the details.
> We've emailed the entire membership. Responses have been trickling in,
> and I expect that we'll have an official "active members" list in
> plenty of time for January's election. I've been updating both the
> spreadsheet and the membership lists in xero for now, but once the
> audit is done the xero lists will be authoritative. Thanks for all
> your help!
> Next up to audit is tax receipts. Noisebridge is waaaayyy behind on
> thanking people and sending the official letters that serve as tax
> receipts. For recent donors, I've started tracking them all in a
> separate user category on Xero, so this latest rash of donations is
> well-documented. My goal at present will be to send tax receipts for
> everyone who donated in 2010. I'd like to have this finished by
> February.
> I'm uncertain of how to deal with donations prior to 2010. Some of it
> is well-documented. Donations during Mitch's time as treasurer are in
> the bookkeeping system he was using, which I have a copy of and can
> get set up on my windows machine to extract that info. As far as
> 2009's info in Xero, there is a tag for "donations". Attached are the
> full donation summary and a sample month from 2009. There are clearly
> tracked monetary donations, and I think that Jeffrey made receipts for
> all in-kind donations in 2009. So do we go back and send receipts for
> monetary donations in 2009? I have no way to aggregate by individual,
> only by date range. That means that I'll have to page through the
> months in the donation category and accumulate each monetary donation
> in a spreadsheet. This seems ridiculous. I'll write to xero and see if
> we can do better.
> Anyway, that brings us to the minionry. Who's up for helping? I will
> probably make another recruiting pitch on discuss.
> -Kelly
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