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rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 17:31:18 UTC 2013

Perhaps I haven't been clear about my goals or intent. Some folks I know
are doing a project to raise funds. They plan to raise those funds,
themselves, crowdsource. We are seeking to extract if anything, previously
executed administrative labor from noisebridge (ie nonprofit status), and
in return wish to share a percentage of the money they raise with NB. I am
volunteering to bridge the admin gap with labor, and expect to need danny
(our current treasurer right?) to need to do some extra work as well. The
only way noisebridge would be financially involved would be to handle
*additional* money raised in another community, and take 5%. At this point
'handle the money' means not in an ongoing fashion, but for one finite
crowdsource campaign, where as I understand it basically NB would receive a
lump sum (raised exclusively by this project), one time, and then give most
of it back to the OTH project, keeping 5%.

Does NB fiscally sponsor any projects? Is a big question.

This may not be the project to answer it with, but I guess I am more
generally curious about this since I understood it to be part of the

I remember talking someone out of seeking fiscal sponsorship for his LED
project a year or so ago, because he needed a bunch of help and also had a
relationship with another org that was more used to doing this. Tom was
involved in this discussion, and it was on the mailing list and in a
meeting. It would have been way faster to just tell him no, instead of
spending a bunch of time talking the guy from that other org into
restructuring the relationship with LED guy so his org did all the work,
instead of us.

If we simply don't do fiscal sponsorship that's way easier! But again, I
have thought that this is a thing we do for some time. Not often, but
possible. Only for certain types of projects? Ie technical infrastructure
that fits under the roof and has 4 members to bottomline it? Projects where
core membership trusts the bottomline folks to actually execute?

On Jul 30, 2013 3:54 AM, "Andy Isaacson" <adi at hexapodia.org> wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 09:57:09AM -0700, rachel lyra hospodar wrote:
> > I realize that a lot of my reasoning relates to, why this idea, why right
> > now, and I realize the general objection is broader than that. I support
> > the idea of noisebridge fiscally sponsoring projects beyond what can
> > physically fit under its roof. One of the reasons I pushed for creating
> > structure with the tor project was so folks could springboard on what was
> > already done to reuse it at other times for other projects. Perhaps if
> that
> > capability/structure exists for sponsoring certain kinds of projects,
> let's
> > spell out what kinds.
> I strongly opposed using noisetor as a vehicle for "cracking open the
> nut" of "how to extract money from noisebridge", and I still do.  It is
> hard to get Noisebridge to spend money.  This is a feature.  Please do
> not try to build ways for people to more easily extract money from
> Noisebridge.
> -andy
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