[Build] Bathroom Project

Shannon Lee shannon at scatter.com
Thu Dec 3 06:48:47 UTC 2009

Hey All,

As many of you may be aware, our contractor (and now member), Scott, tore
his meniscus not too long ago; and he's been told to Keep Off His Feet and
Not Do Anything for a while.  This means that while he now has no
distractions from getting the bathroom done, he also can't do any work on
it.  He's also not allowed to get paid, because he's drawing workman's comp
for the duration of the meniscus injury, so he'd like us to apply the
balance of what we were going to pay him to any materials we might need --
oh, and we need some, you know, people.  To do work.

This is where y'all come in.

If we're going to get the plumbing completed for the bathroom and the
darkroom and the kitchen, and get the bathroom remodel done, we're going to
need able bodies to to the heavy lifting while Scott directs traffic.

I'm going to be in Friday evening, and Scott has promised to have a list of
stuff that needs to get done.  If you're interested in helping out with
finishing up this part of the build, show up Friday at 8 and we'll hash out
who wants to do what.  You don't need to stick around if you have a date or
something; while work may get done, this meeting is primarily about figuring
out what exactly needs to get done.

I look forward to seeing you all Friday night!


Shannon Lee
(503) 539-3700

"Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science."
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