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Ozzy Satori ozzymandi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 20:09:33 UTC 2009

Heylo All,

My name is Ozzymandias, King of Kings... well, not really.   Hey, I'm Ozzy,
a software engineer whose in the process of joining the space, and happens
to have a passion for realspace hacking (aka carpentry).  Long term
interests include putting Ikea out of business with locally fabricated
open-source flat-pack furniture, designing, building and flying
open-source-design airplanes (I'm a PPL), and generally being excellent.
 World domination need not apply, it's WAY too much trouble.

In any case, I spent this summer learning to user Blender (
http://blender.org) to support rapid prototyping and fabrication of
furniture/spaces- I figure this labor of love might be something that
NoiseBridge would appreciate, so, I would like to begin a class starting
next week on Using Blender as a framework for carpentry design which I call,
in pure 'I'm trying to start a Meme here people' self-righteousness, The
Blender Hacking Earth-Space eXtensions Framework (or HEXpace Framework for

The class will be either once or twice a week, and will begin with me
running around the space with a metric tape-measure to create a 3D model of
the existing space, that all of you can hopefully use to model, budget, and
plan further space build-out Doing.

Anyone interested? I figured I'd go to the real Doers first (the build-list)
and see what interest existed and what times worked for people.


-Ozzy, The anti-Randian Socialist Objectivist Open-Source RealSpace
Hacking Enthusiast.
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