[Build] electrical stuff

jim jim at well.com
Sun Jan 24 17:13:51 UTC 2010

   ...inch by inch.... 

   i need some help pulling wires to finish the run 
from the southwest sub-panel to 
* power the darkroom, 
* have a receptacle or two along the south wall 
between the darkroom and the storage room, 
* energize a utility receptacle in the storage room, 
* provide a dedicated circuit for the network rack 
in the storage room, 
* and add a light switch that lets people working in 
the electronics area control the overhead 

   there are two runs remaining, both fairly long, 
requiring two people: one person "at the box" to 
push wires into the pipe and another person gently 
pulling a fish tape to bring the wires out of the 
target box. 
   a preliminary job that anyone can do alone is to 
dig the wires out of the boxes of wires: 
* one black, one red, one white that are 42 feet 
long or longer; 
* two blacks, one red, two whites that are 52 feet 
long or longer; 
* one red that is 16 feet long or longer. 

   after those two runs are done, it's a matter of 
one or two hours to get all that stuff energized. 

   i can be at 2169 
* monday a little before 6 PM, 
* tuesday at 6 PM, 
* thursday up to about 5 PM, 
* friday between 10 AM and 1 PM and after 6 PM, 
* saturday before noon. 


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