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Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Fri Jul 2 23:50:22 UTC 2010

I'm going to try and spend a bunch of time Doing Stuff<tm> at noisebridge 
this weekend and monday-wednesday.  So far I've been thinkin about this.

Saturday: Existing MatFabLab cleanup and prep for move/construction.
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday: Electrical cleanup and construction work

More comments inline below:


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On Fri, 2 Jul 2010, jim wrote:

>   i got questions, including "does anybody have any
> opinions or ambitions i should look out for" as well as
> "is anybody interested in helping with these?"
>   what's supposed to be happening in the Scott Memorial
> Construction Room (SMCR) east of the darkroom?
>   I like the idea of moving the construction materials
> from the walking way around the cook area into the SMCR.

I guess I don't know what's up with the bathroom construction.  If there 
is stuff we could do to make it "Done" I suppose I could work on that this 

>   Anybody up on the state of the possibility of moving
> the "dirty workshop" aka "matfablab" aka "fabmatlab" to
> the east end (where the Church classroom is now)?

I still haven't decided if it's worth the effort/cost.

>   Anybody up on the state of redoing lights and tracks
> over the fabmatlab and turing and church classrooms?


>   I'm kind of preparing myself to do more electrical
> work, likely end of this coming week (july 8,9 or so).
> Immediate projects include
> * run some outlets around the turing and possibly even
> the church classroom walls.
> * run conduit for light switches in the turing and
> possibly church classrooms.
> * help bring down the light fixtures and power rails
> over the fabmatlab, the turing and church classrooms,
> and probably the walking way near the big pile of
> construction materials.
> * bring power to the ceiling for the re-hung lights and
> power rails.
> * rampage in the little storage closet: build another
> set of shelves (plywood is cut, needs 2x4s cut to size)
> above the exist shelf stack as well as maybe put up
> shelves and cable hanging stuff above and near the door.

I won't be available later in the week, but I am Monday-Wednesday.

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