[Build] Conduit bender

jim jim at well.com
Thu Mar 4 06:30:14 UTC 2010

   you can use my bender on premises, but several of 
us use it, so you can't take it away. it's in the 
storage room (the one that stores Susan the Rack). 
   how much is a bit (and what do you mean by 12-14")? 
wire is sorted in the boxes by the southern double 
doors, most of it is #12. 
   you probably know, but just in case: #12 can be 
protected with a 20A circuit breaker, no greater; and 
#14 can be protected with a 15A breaker, no greater. 
(if you've got a 15A circuit, you can use #12, of 
   if you use the wire, please pick the shortest 
pieces you can. we're gonna need all of it and more 
by the time we finish up the wiring (a lot yet to do). 

On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 17:24 -0800, Ben Kochie wrote:
> Hey, does anyone have a 1/2" conduit bender I could borrow for a couple 
> days?
> I also need a bit of 12-14 wire.  I might just goto builder supply and 
> pick that up.  I just don't need a spool of 500 feet. :)
> -ben
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