[Build] Conduit bender

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Thu Mar 4 07:14:42 UTC 2010

Yea, I kinda need to use it at home for an afternoon.  I could probably 
get it all done in a couple hours, but I don't want to try and bend pipes 
and then carry them on my bike ;)

Yea, the circuit is 15A, but I generally use #12 stranded THHN.  If 
noisebridge needs some spools, I could pick up a couple and donate them.


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On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, jim wrote:

>   you can use my bender on premises, but several of
> us use it, so you can't take it away. it's in the
> storage room (the one that stores Susan the Rack).
>   how much is a bit (and what do you mean by 12-14")?
> wire is sorted in the boxes by the southern double
> doors, most of it is #12.
>   you probably know, but just in case: #12 can be
> protected with a 20A circuit breaker, no greater; and
> #14 can be protected with a 15A breaker, no greater.
> (if you've got a 15A circuit, you can use #12, of
> course.)
>   if you use the wire, please pick the shortest
> pieces you can. we're gonna need all of it and more
> by the time we finish up the wiring (a lot yet to do).
> jim
> On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 17:24 -0800, Ben Kochie wrote:
>> Hey, does anyone have a 1/2" conduit bender I could borrow for a couple
>> days?
>> I also need a bit of 12-14 wire.  I might just goto builder supply and
>> pick that up.  I just don't need a spool of 500 feet. :)
>> -ben
>>   "UNIX is user-friendly, it's just picky about its friends."
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