[Build] Network work followup

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Sun Aug 3 02:38:50 UTC 2014

The network is (partially) up. It's definitely not finished, but it's
usable. We have 1 AP and the Monkeybrains connection.

If you're in the space and looking for something to do, please consider
running more network drops. We have a box of Cat5 in the server closet,
and network ports are in the blue bucket. We couldn't work in the
Kitchen and Church today due to floor construction.

Accomplished today:
* Hung cable bridles
* Ran 5 network jacks in the space (2x hackitorium, 2x Turing, 1x door)
* Rekindled Susan the Rack
* Connected 1 of 2 access points

Equipment we still need:
* A trustworthy switch. The Juniper switch that brought us so much woe
is currently racked. We need a new one.
* Power cords for Ubiquiti POE injectors. We have the injectors, but
they use some weird AC power cord that I can't find. Do you have one?

Still to do -- Rack Edition:
* Source a powerbrick for the router, the Soekris box
* Run a new DSL line (it's hanging outside the window by the former DJ
* Replace the bad switch with a good one
* Get the router up and running for proper failover
* Bring Minotaur back to life
* Hang the second AP
* Run some drops to Church.

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