[Build] Current status of the network

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Tue Aug 5 05:59:50 UTC 2014

Current status:
* Switch is in place (24 port gigabit Netgear). The juniper is dead
* All APs are up and running
* Minotaur and Bikeshed are active - bikeshed is routing
* Sonic is down, so SSH to the servers won't work.

The network seems pretty zippy. If you have any problems, please do

* Run more drops! Run more drops! We have plenty of cable, plenty of
jacks, and plenty of ports. Patrick is a drop-running machine - he will
gladly show you the ropes. All the supplies are in the blue bin
* Mount a small access switch in Church and Turing.
* Get Sonic back up and running

On Sonic:
The Sonic DSL connection is dangling outside, just outside the Church
window. It is a blue ethernet cable, but it carries two phone lines. I
don't know the pinout - you'll have to ask Mi Ranchito to let you in the
basement to find out. It will then need to be patched down to a phone
line, run to the server closet, and connected to the DSL modem. Or we
can get the SF Wireless Coalition up (hey, jof!) and cancel our Sonic line.

I'll be out of town starting Thursday until after the Reboot Party.


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