[Noisebridge-congress] need a space in Berlin?

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 21 06:52:32 UTC 2009



Rubin just told me about this list.  So, here I am.


I'll be setting up a huge hardware hacking area at 26C3.  We have pretty much the entire basement this year.  :)  I'm way psyched.


And I'm way psyched about going to Berlin, one of my favorite cities.


I'm getting ready to head out there in a few hours.  It was supposed to be this morning, but the snow in JFK canceled my connectrion there.  I'm using the time to create my LEDcube kit for Congress.


I have an apartment with a few crazy, wonderful Austrians, some of whom are not going because they would rather chill together after the untimely loss of a friend.  


The apartment looks like a really nice, huge place, with plenty of floor space, a washing machine, internet, close to the U5 line (4 stops from Alexanderplatz, where BCC is, where 26C3 is happening) and close to several S-Bahn lines.  It's in Friedrichshain, a cool neighborhood.  We have the place from 22-Dec through 5-Jan.


If anyone needs a place to crash, please let me know.





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