[Noisebridge-congress] I have never been to germany in the winter and would like very much to know how to not freeze balls

MeTaVoluti0N meta at c-base.org
Wed Dec 21 21:50:35 UTC 2011

On 12/21/2011 06:45 AM, Christina Olson wrote:
> I've spent 2 years in San Francisco and I forgot what this "cold"
> thing is, as relates to garments and suchwhat.  Is this a
> long-underwear-and-8-sweaters kind of thing or just a few extra
> longsleeves?

for me, who's been to SF and many winters with CCC in berlin,
it's a matter of 2-3 layers on torso with a decent water/wind-proof coat.

various two-pants approaches work well for extremities,
while if you don't plan on being outside for extended periods,
even single layer on legs works well enough.

emphasize shoes, hat, and some form of finger-protection,
where also SF-style handwarmers work almost as well as full-blown gloves.

the only nasty thing IMHO,
is hidden ankle-deep pools of this "schneematch"
water, snow, salt, ice, dirt mudlike thingie ...

don't worry about it too much though.
can happily guide you to places,
where you get short-term solutions for not-mucho euros,
if you find yourself not having brought enough
of BERLIN protective urban winter gear.

please do bring
multiple electronic computation and communication devices,
where you've done decent backups of your important data !


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