[Cyborg] Meeting notes 4-12

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Sun Apr 12 20:49:20 UTC 2009


skory, linguistics; more self-taught on tech
rachel, vest
christy, background in engineering, working on input devices
michael, background in desktop support but done medical for some years,
lots of projects in queue, wearable computers w/heads-up display
david, RoR web dev, going to be cog sci undergrad, no particular project
in mind but thought group was too awesome to pass up
matt, background in software engineering, dabble in electronics, working
on compass variation as pendant
eric, working on compass vibro-anklet, works on sensors at work, has
functioning compass vibro-anklet, needs to do next gen for greater
comfort, gave himself a blister
mikolaj, project has been peeling back; motor harness with motors that
can be tucked into things, 'nearly there'
rhianna, sfstate student, double sculpting & painting, tech user,
interested in asthetics, can help with beautification
cassandra, art student, research on emerging artists, theory of
technology in art, transhumanism, posthumanism, how people are evolving
& changing themselves, bionics, cyborg, etc
leif, interested but not immediate project
denise, does work in linguistics with vibration to help deaf people with
lip reading
tod, has vibrating north hat, intersted in seeing how effective it is to
help (blind) people navigate.

show & tell
skory: finished anklet, remade ribbon cable without pointy crimps.
spacing not quite right, needs  software work? sensor calibration?
Honeywell 3-d compass does math for you. discussion of 3-d vs 2-d
compassses and difficulties. custom enclosure from various hard
plastics.  need thought on mass-producing armatures.  improve way to
handle elasticity, which is currently lost due to velcro

matt: compass pendant proto-show & tell, signals north when you're
facing.  hat has zero learn-time.  could stand to have less
sophisticated input & rely more on brain's plasticity.  compass has to
be at 90 degrees.

question: how much data can you meaningfully push through an armature?
how to quantify this?

quantified self meetup, should be useful resource when we're ready to do
our 2-month tests.

discussion of retainer/tongue display

At this point I got involved in a discussion but I think it all went
detailed at this point anyway.


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