[Cyborg] textronics

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 11 22:20:59 UTC 2009

We agreed at the meeting a week and a half ago to get the "developers 
kit" from these textronics people:


And I was to do the legwork.  So I did.  Unfortunately, the order form 
isn't really an order form, it's a contact form that you fill out, and 
they are supposed to get back to you.  They have not gotten back to me.

I'm thinking perhaps they only want to sell dev kits to companies who 
might actually buy more of their stuff in the future.  And that's why 
they haven't gotten back to me.

Any recommendations at this point? I'd still like to have their dev kit, 
so do you think I should just contact them again?

Since this, I've read several interesting papers about fabric 
electronics, and it really seems like it's not magic.  One paper talked 
about how the secret of using fabric electrodes was to use an initial 
op-amp with extremely high input impedance.  They recommended OPA129, 
with input impedance of 10^13 ohms, and they simply used the OPA129 with 
unity gain as a preamp.

So I think even if we don't get the kit, we can try that on our own...


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