[Cyborg] Interest in Sensebridge

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 9 19:18:54 UTC 2009

Yes, I'll be skipping this weekends meeting to go to RoboGames.  The 
weekend after I should be there though, and I can bring the choker that 
I have.  If you're interested in building the armatures (the physical 
clothing part), I'd be willing to build the electronics stuff, and we 
can make some good progress together.  I can teach you the electronics 
stuff - it's really not that hard.  Easier in fact than knowing how to 
work a sewing machine :-)


ch_luk at berkeley.edu wrote:
> Hi Eric,
>   Thanks for the links! Janet Hansen's business is captivating and
> crossing it with Cosabella sounds like a fun venture.
>   I am interested in teaming up with you on the choker, if you can endure
> my learning to speak the same (computer) languages as you guys. I have
> to admit yesterday's meeting felt more foreign than any language/CS
> course I've taken! But you are all amazing, cool people! =)
>   For the compass project, if you guys want to try placing it in a corset,
> I'd be happy to experiment with that. The battery/chip unit would hide
> nicely inside an obi (the sash on a kimono).
>   Are you guys skipping next week's meeting, since it overlaps with
> RoboGames?
> Smiles,
>   Chung-Hay
>> Chung-Hay,
>> Here's the link to Janet Hansen's "enlighted" (not enlightened, see the
> subtle difference?) business of illuminated clothing.  Like I said, right
> up your alley, but VERY expensive.  Pretty much everything is custom and
> she charges about $10/LED.  So most things are in the
> multi-hundreds or even thousands of dollar range.
>> http://enlighted.com/index.html
>> If you're thinking of doing this kind of stuff as a business, Janet is
> totally a great role model!
>> Also, I mentioned my (embryonic) idea for a choker which pulses lights
> in time with your heart beat.  The wiki page is a bit out of date:
>> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Pulse_Necklace
>> I got the armatures from Rebecca's Wholesale Novelties, only $2.15 each.
>>   Sorry I didn't have any on hand for you to see, they are cheap (i.e.
>> plastic and crappy) but still an excellent inspiration for what's
> possible:
>> http://tinyurl.com/og3x7a
>> Hope to see you again at the meeting - don't let the electrical stuff
> intimidate you, it's actually a lot of fun making stuff and showing it off
> at our meetings and to random people that you meet :-)
>> Eric
>> ch_luk at berkeley.edu wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>>   I liked the compass vibro-anklet at Maker Faire and was wondering if
>>> you
>>> welcome random guests. I'm a graduate student at Berkeley, studying
> neuroscience. I'm not sure if I have much to contribute, as my
> creations
>>> lack sensors. However, it's a direction I'd like to head towards. My
> niche-in-the-making is LED-based jewelry and lingerie.
>>> Please let me know if you have room for a more artsy-kinda girl...or if
> you know of another community where I'd be better matched.
>>> Thank you!
>>> Smiles,
>>>   Chung-Hay
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