[Cyborg] motor success, compass fail

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Mon Mar 23 22:42:35 UTC 2009

Lamont Lucas wrote:
> I can totally add my measurements of the motor to the spreadsheet.  And
> if you like, I'm happy to drop off a few motors for you to play with
> while I'm gone.  Just let me know when you'll be by NB, or if your shelf
> is clearly labeled, I can put them in an envelope and put them on the
> shelf.

I'll be there tonight, maybe 8-ish, and tomorrow night.  My shelf is on
the front wall in the middle, low, and is clearly labeled.

> I was just varying the knob on my power supply and measuring the in-line
> current draw with my multimeter.  But like I said, I plan on driving
> them via PWM, so the impedance of the motor should increase as I
> increase the frequency of the PWM (or as the motor spins faster).  Which
> means that they should take even less current while being driven like
> that, although I'm not really sure how practical that effect is given
> the relatively low frequencies I can drive it at.
> If I finish wiring up the test harness with my RBBB and shift-register
> driver chip, would you be interested in using it for the week I'm gone? 
> You'd either need to borrow my FTDI cable or have your own TTL-to-USB
> chip that works with the arduino IDE.

I'd love to play around with this but I'll need a bit of help getting it
set up or I'll spend all week just doing that.  I don't even have the
arduino IDE installed but I can do that tonight.  If you're able to come
by tonight or tomorrow it would be great if you could walk me through it
briefly.  I do have an arduino programmer somewhere...


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