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Adam Skory askory at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 07:08:25 UTC 2009

Also, take copious notes. Please.


On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Mikolaj Habryn <dichro at rcpt.to> wrote:
> I just chatted with one Uncle Abdul after the Arse Elektronika opening
> show. He's a lovely and approachable guy who apparently wrote The Book
> on electrostim, will be conducting a workshop at Noisebridge on
> Sunday, and was entirely open to the idea of chatting with us about
> our experiments with red dots and plans to make portable units as
> displays (which we have... right?). I, unfortunately, will likely be
> either still at Ephemerisle or in Davy Jones's locker, so I hereby
> charge you all with taking advantage of this opportunity.
> In particular, we'd like to know wtf the normal units are so
> expensive, and do they do anything that we can't replicate with a
> microcontroller, inductor, and a handful of transistors. Whether
> there's any style of electrodes that would be safe without conductive
> gel. Isolation requirements for the AC driving circuit. Lots of stuff.
> If the answer is 'you should buy my book', then you should buy his
> book (for me) and have it autographed. I'll pay you back. Then get him
> to answer the questions anyway.
> m.
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