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I used to work at Adam Aircraft, an experimental jet manufacturer in
Colorado, and I got to hang out with test pilots all day.  I heard that you
(Eric) were working on a vibrating anklet compass and I was reminded of a
vest that one of the pilots talked about.

The haptic vest had a couple of neat applications that he tried.  One
application was having the vest connected to the cross hairs of the landing
system (ILS), so that if the pilot got off course, the vest would vibrate on
the side that the pilot needed to go to, to correct the drift.  The other
application was a helicopter hover assist program.  It vibrated the vest if
you strayed from the spot over which you were attempting to hover.  Really a
cool concept, especially in obscured visibility conditions like blowing sand
in the desert, or white out conditions in the snow.

The project was being done by a retired Navy Captain who is a Flight Surgeon
at one of the government labs.  Here is a link to a similar project:



Rebecca aka Prexious
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