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That's really cool!  I bet the tactical corset people are interested in your link too :-)

It would be really interesting to try out the anklet in situations like this as well... I wonder if it would work as well on your ankle as on your body?  Now all I need is a helicopter :-)


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> Hi!
> I used to work at Adam Aircraft, an experimental jet
> manufacturer in Colorado, and I got to hang out with test
> pilots all day.  I heard that you (Eric) were working on a
> vibrating anklet compass and I was reminded of a vest that
> one of the pilots talked about.
> The haptic vest had a couple of neat applications
> that he tried.  One application was having the vest
> connected to the cross hairs of the landing system (ILS), so
> that if the pilot got off course, the vest would vibrate on
> the side that the pilot needed to go to, to correct the
> drift.  The other application was a helicopter hover assist
> program.  It vibrated the vest if you strayed from the spot
> over which you were attempting to hover.  Really a cool
> concept, especially in obscured visibility conditions like
> blowing sand in the desert, or white out conditions in the
> snow.
> The project was being done by a retired Navy Captain who is
> a Flight Surgeon at one of the government labs.  Here is a
> link to a similar project:
> http://www.haptics-e.org/Vol_03/he-v3n1.pdf
> Thanks, 
> Rebecca aka Prexious
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