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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 10 16:36:19 UTC 2009

I'm so happy that things are cruising for you over there in Tokyo!  I look forward to seeing the space when I next am in Tokyo (probably at the next MAKE: Tokyo Meeting in May), and see what cool things you've all been up to.  ;)



I hope that Eric can help you out with the Northpaw kits.










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> Subject: [Cyborg] Tokyo Hackerspace
> Mitch Altman done birthed another Hackerspace, right here in Tokyo! He
> and I spoke back to back last May at the first Tokyo Barcamp, and then
> he taught my kids how to solder at the Tokyo Make Fair.
> Here's what our THS openhouse looked like last Sunday:
> http://bit.ly/bP3ah
> I'm one of the THS founding members, very interested in human-machine
> interfaces, and especially the feelSpace.
> We've got access to Akihabara and I'm happy to champion Cyborg issues
> here in Tokyo. On the acceleromter front, we're looking to maybe partner
> something with Virtus Sensors MEMS-based six-axis accelerometers. Way
> small, way cheap, and way cool: http://virtusensors.com. Virtus has a
> tech incubator here in Tokyo.
> Can somebody hook me up with Northpaw kit(s)?
> Cheers,
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