[Cyborg] wearable fog machines

David Molnar dmolnar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 17:32:08 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 1:00 AM, Eric Boyd <mrericboyd at yahoo.com> wrote:
> So, we're probably going to need fog machines of some sort in order to
> make the beams from the laser properly visible.
> There are basically three types of fog generators:
> 1) Chemical, using heat to vaporize "fog juice". This is what clubs use.
> They typically require a ~kW of power for the heater, and 5 minutes to
> warm up. Obviously that'll never be wearable.  But, maybe some small
> wearable version could be built somehow?  I'm thinking of some kind of

How much heat does it take to vaporize the fog juice?

Would a chemical heater do the trick? I'm thinking like the "instant
heat" packs they sell in drugstores. Those would not be hot enough of
course, but perhaps there is something compact and not too horribly
dangerous that would work.

David Molnar

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