[Cyborg] wearable fog machines

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 5 18:52:31 UTC 2010

On 6/5/10 10:32 AM, David Molnar wrote:
> How much heat does it take to vaporize the fog juice?
> Would a chemical heater do the trick? I'm thinking like the "instant
> heat" packs they sell in drugstores. Those would not be hot enough of
> course, but perhaps there is something compact and not too horribly
> dangerous that would work.

Interesting idea.  I suspect the heater is literally boiling the fog 
juice, then a fan drives it out.  So it'd take a lot of heat, and 
temperature at least 100C.  So it's have to be a pretty serious heat 
pack, not something they would sell in a drugstore.  But it's certainly 
possible.  My search for "high temperature heat pack" didn't yield 
anything though...

Also, I mentioned the idea of using an ultrasonic device to vaporize the 
fog juice.  Although it doesn't work straight out (due to gumming up the 
ultrasonic plate), maybe it could be somehow made to work?  For 
instance, I'm wondering if you had a *flow* over the ultrasonic plate 
whether that would prevent the gumming process from happening.  It 
probably wouldn't be that hard to prototype, just need an ultrasonic 
fogger, an aquarium pump, and some fog juice...


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