[Cyborg] Hackerspace Village at The Next HOPE

Adam Skory askory at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 23:50:40 UTC 2010

Not that I'm exactly "from Noisebridge" these days, but I quite think
I might just show up for this HOPE shindig.

I wouldn't mind being in the loop as far as where people are staying
and whatnot.


On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 1:24 PM, Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> The Next HOPE is coming to New York City!  July 16-18 at the Hotel
> Pensylvania.  I hope you will all consider going, as it's going to be the
> best HOPE yet!  HOPE = Hackers On Planet Earth.  HOPE conferences happen
> every two years (and if the Hotel continues its existence, HOPE will
> continue on our planet).  Expect about 3,300 of some of the coolest,
> creative, friendly hackers to be there.  Hackers of all sorts -- software,
> hardware, social, political, arts, crafts, music, film, food, . . .
> Everyone is welcome!
> http://thenexthope.org/
> Who from Noisebridge is going?
> In the middle of conference will be a huge area dedicated to hackerspaces
> around the world:  The Hackerspace Village.  This will be a temporary,
> incredibly huge meta-hackerspace for the entire duration of the conference.
> 24/7.
> I'm helping Nick Farr organize The Hackerspace Village at The Next HOPE.
> I'm wrangling in as many hackerspaces into the fray as possible.
> Noisebridge should have a big presence.  What say?
> Do you have anything cool to show (or can create something cool to show),
> please bring it to The Next HOPE, and be part of The Hackerspace Village.
> Bring your enthusiasm for what you love, and share it with the enthusiastic
> crowd throughout The Next HOPE.  And learn from all the other amazing people
> you'll meet.
> In the middle of The Hackerspace Village will be a huge Hardware Hacking
> Area that I'm setting up.  Anyone who wants to can make use of the Hardware
> Hacking Area in the Hackerspace Village.  If you have something to make, to
> fix, to create -- feel free to stop by, and use all our zillion soldering
> irons, tools, equipment and know-how.  If you want to give a workshop, feel
> free!  Please tell Nick and me, and we can add you to the schedule (or feel
> free to just come by and give an ad-hoc demo or workshop any time during The
> Next HOPE).
> The huge Hardware Hacking Area will be open 24/7 throught The Next HOPE.
> I'll have plenty of my kits available, and will be teaching anyone who wants
> to how to solder, and how to make things with microcontrollers and
> electronics.  Feel free to bring kits and projects of your own.
> We will also have a conference badge hacking area -- yes, the badge will be
> way cool, and is way hackable!
> The Hackerspace Village itself is totally hackable.  So, please join us and
> hack!
> Please contact Nick and me if you want to join in on the Hackerspace
> Village.  Or if you have any questions or comments.
>      hackerspace at hope.net
> Come to Hackerspace Village at The Next HOPE and see what our future holds
> -- as we create it together!
> Cheers,
> Mitch.
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