[Cyborg] lasers stuck in customs

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 17:48:55 UTC 2010

Our lasers have been halted in Ontario California (near LA) for 6 days. 
  I called UPS to see what's up and they confirm that "Import Scan" 
means that they gave the package to US Customs, and US Customs is 
sitting on it.

The UPS guy said that currently customs is not requiring any information 
in order to release the package, but that if they did require some 
information they would contact me.

He couldn't give me any kind of time frame to release, or even an 
'average time' that packages spend in customs, apparently it varies 
widely.  He also said there is no way for me (or even him!) to reach 
customs and ask what is going on, he kept repeating over and over that 
"it's a government agency", as if that was where the buck stopped. It's 
a dumb line, but I guess the government here is pretty dumb.

Anyway, he did say that when it clears customs there will be a change of 
status on the tracking page, it'll either say "Departure Scan" or maybe 
even "Cleared Customs".  So we will probably get a days notice that our 
lasers are moving again before they actually get here.

In the mean time, I'm sorry if people are upset that our lasers are not 
here - I'm upset too.  I'm super excited to make stuff with them, and 
this waiting is hard.  I'll send another message when I see the status 
change, or you can watch it yourself: 1ZV8631R0497737474


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