[Cyborg] eyeborg

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 18:54:26 UTC 2010

Rob Spence is an Eyeborg.  He lost his right eye due to an accident with 
a gun, and he's now working on a project to have a fake eye which 
contains a wireless camera.  He wants to make documentary films using 
this eye-camera.


Some notes from the podcast:

He says he also has a laser pointer eye!

Eyes supposed to be the window into the soul, not the window into 
youtube :-). "eye contact" is a very intimate part of being human, so 
changing eyes is a big deal.  Film made from his eyeborg camera "glances 
around and blinks"... a very different aesthetic from regular film. 
BUT, we've already gotten used to shaky hand-held films ("blair witch 
project"), will we get used to this as well?

The audio/video of the interview includes some instant messaging sounds, 
very confusing, I kept looking at my computer to see where the messages 

Guy with USB finger prosthetic: wants to team up with him, and give him 
a microphone finger!!

"Unlike you puny humans, I can upgrade my eye!"

"In general I think the post-human is going to be bio-engineered"

They talk about the singularity for quite awhile.

"You're compelled to put as much of you out into the world as 
possible... that's why you want to have sex" (rather a male view?!?)

"the internet is potentially skynet" (or as I would say: the bits are 
coming for your brain)

"I didn't make this camera to become a cyborg... I'm just a film maker 
with a whole in his head"

His website:

"Resistance is futile!"

His engineer guy is also interesting:

"I live on couches.  I'm a traveling engineer.  I build things for people."

That's an awesome life!


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