[Cyborg] exoskeleton

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 15:17:29 UTC 2010

Raytheon XOS 2 Exoskeleton – A Wearable Robotics Suit

This stuff is actually making progress!  It's been a dream for like 100 
years, but Raytheon has actually built a functioning prototype that 
doesn't look horribly uncomfortable to use.  Apparently this second 
prototype also requires half of the energy that the first prototype 
required (for the same tasks), with a goal of reaching 20% for the next 
version.  This is to progress towards an untethered version where the 
power would be generated onboard... They also hope to have some of the 
tethered variety in the field in 5 years, which I think is the only 
timeline I've ever heard for a commercial exoskeleton.  Will they pull 
it off?  I wonder how much it'll cost?


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