[Cyborg] stair climbing DARPA robot

Andrew Cantino cantino at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 03:57:52 UTC 2012

Watching that video gave me an actual visceral sense of fear.  The
future is scary.


On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Eric Boyd <mrericboyd at yahoo.com> wrote:
> http://singularityhub.com/2012/04/18/darpas-new-robot-conquers-stairs/
> It's surprisingly organic looking, much more so than ASIMO (who is now
> over a decade old, I guess).  It also intriguing to see that it uses an
> arm to stabilize itself as it climbs the stairs - I wonder how necessary
> that is?  You'd think it would be almost as much work to make a
> functioning arm and write the software for using it for balance control
> as it would be to just make the stair climbing legs / software not
> require it!
> I think this latest DARPA robot challenge should be super interesting to
> watch!
> Eric
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