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Chung-Hay Luk luk at chunghay.com
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To the quantified cyborgs out there who want to network or peek at the
business side, VLAB's got the event for you. See below.


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*The Uploaded Life: Personal evolution through self tracking*
*When*: Tuesday, March 20, 2012
*6:00pm - 7:00pm:* Networking and Refreshments
*7:00pm - 8:30pm: *Panel Discussion and Q&A

What happens when we add the power of Social/Mobile and always-on personal
devices to the evolving health markets? Peer pressure (social
reinforcement) and data tracking have significantly contributed to the
success of the $11B self improvement and $55B weight loss markets. Legacy
business such as Weight Watchers have relied on snippets of painstakingly
entered input data. How will the game be changed when personal data goes
from a drop in the bucket to an ocean?

Large companies and startup garage hackers are leveraging smaller, cheaper
sensors to accelerate the virtuous cycle of goal setting, data collection,
analysis and motivation necessary to stimulate lasting and steady gains in
health, sports performance and other areas of self evolution.

What new perspectives do startups provide using sensors and online
services, to disrupt the incumbents in self evolution and health? And what
is needed for break-out success?

   - What new opportunities will exist due to widespread, user initiated
   health tracking?
   - How do you keep users engaged long enough to make meaningful changes
   in their health and lives?
   - What incentives are effective to encourage adoption outside of tracker
   enthusiasts and early adopters?
   *Panelists:* Rick Lee, CEO of Healthrageous

   *Moderator:* Gary Wolf, Co-Founder at The Quantified Self and Editor at
   Wired Magazine
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more details and to register.

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VLAB was originally founded in 1990 by the MIT Enterprise Forum and the
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