[Darkroom] Fwd: Darkroom electrical .. Library shelving

dpc weasel at meer.net
Mon Nov 16 20:53:46 UTC 2009

John Magolske <listmail at b79.net> writes:

> * dpc <weasel at meer.net> [091116 09:56]:
>> >   if you have the clout, try to get someone,
>> > anyone, to help:
>> > * help with the library shelves--just using the
>> > chop saw to cut a bunch of 2x4 and/or 2x6 wood
>> > to 10 1/2 inch lengths, nice square cuts, would
>> > be great.
>> if this hasn't been done, i'll do some slicing instead.
> I don't want to hold up the process, but if possible I'd like to
> discuss a design I've given some thought to before we start cutting
> wood. I may be at 2169 today around 6:30-7 & will be there tomorrow
> for sure if anyone wants to talk bookshelves (can be there today for
> sure if anyone wants to meet up today).

i can't get out as early as i thought today so i'll be there around 430
today. i could swing earlier tomorrow if that would be more convnient.


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