[Darkroom] Polaroid nut reporting in

Jasmine Strong jasmine at electronpusher.org
Tue Oct 13 02:40:49 UTC 2009

So, I'm being talked into giving a workshop on Polaroid photography.   
I'd like to therefore float this idea, but first I'd like to hear back  
from you folks on what particular topics in the world of Polaroid  
people are interested in.

If you're interested in the wonderful world of Better Photography  
Through Chemistry, I'd like to hear from you-  either by private mail,  
or by mail to the list.  Here's a quick background, and I'd love to  
talk and give a little history on what I think is the most immediate  
and social method of chemical photography.

Polaroid has basically three eras.  The first of these was spent  
making the polarizing filters which gave the company its name  
("polarizing celluloid") and isn't that interesting to photographers  
(though it is illuminating from the point of view of understanding the  
background of the company).

The second era was spent making the peel-apart films which were the  
runaway success of the early 60s.  I don't use these, but a lot of  
photographers do, and I can talk a little about the chemical process.

The third and most interesting era was spent making the revolutionary  
integral print film that first debuted in the early seventies with the  
launch of the incredibly cool folding SLR, the SX70.  This era is just  
coming to an end now, as the final deadstock film starts to expire.   
Fortunately, the completely insane Impossible Project team is planning  
on resurrecting it next year, so the future of Polaroid film is set  
to, well, actually exist.

I have a number of cameras for integral film, which I would love to  
demonstrate, and maybe we could do a workshop on the capabilities,  
limitations, and accessories available for these cameras which are  
available cheaply and in many cases are of very good quality.

What do people think?



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