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This sounds really cool to me!  If it can happen when I'm in town, I'd certainly want to be part of this workshop.










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> So, I'm being talked into giving a workshop on Polaroid photography. 
> I'd like to therefore float this idea, but first I'd like to hear back 
> from you folks on what particular topics in the world of Polaroid 
> people are interested in.
> If you're interested in the wonderful world of Better Photography 
> Through Chemistry, I'd like to hear from you- either by private mail, 
> or by mail to the list. Here's a quick background, and I'd love to 
> talk and give a little history on what I think is the most immediate 
> and social method of chemical photography.
> Polaroid has basically three eras. The first of these was spent 
> making the polarizing filters which gave the company its name 
> ("polarizing celluloid") and isn't that interesting to photographers 
> (though it is illuminating from the point of view of understanding the 
> background of the company).
> The second era was spent making the peel-apart films which were the 
> runaway success of the early 60s. I don't use these, but a lot of 
> photographers do, and I can talk a little about the chemical process.
> The third and most interesting era was spent making the revolutionary 
> integral print film that first debuted in the early seventies with the 
> launch of the incredibly cool folding SLR, the SX70. This era is just 
> coming to an end now, as the final deadstock film starts to expire. 
> Fortunately, the completely insane Impossible Project team is planning 
> on resurrecting it next year, so the future of Polaroid film is set 
> to, well, actually exist.
> I have a number of cameras for integral film, which I would love to 
> demonstrate, and maybe we could do a workshop on the capabilities, 
> limitations, and accessories available for these cameras which are 
> available cheaply and in many cases are of very good quality.
> What do people think?
> thanks,
> -J.
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