[Darkroom] wine and scanography

Lilia Markham liliakai at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 03:12:09 UTC 2010

i had so much fun with the scanner last night that i think we should have a
get-together to pool our creative resources and make some awesome
collaborative scan art, and we should also drink wine while we do it, to
fuel our creative and social energies, and cause "wine and scanography"
makes it sounds all artsy and classy.

thinking in grander terms, i'd love to see a general "Artbridge" group /
regular meetup thing where we just get together and collaborate on some kind
of art, with the goal of producing at least one new work at every meeting.
and there will be a wiki page and maybe a blog or something yadda yadda

so who's in? when's a good time? and who's gonna chip in w/ me on a case of
two-buck chuck?

also i feel like maybe i missed the last darkroom meetup. is it true?

o and here are a couple more results, for your viewing pleasure. perhaps one
day i will make a flickr.

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