[Darkroom] sink, counter, and cabinetry (need donations)

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 22:51:22 UTC 2010

The sink we're going to use is 22x54".  We're planning to build a 25"
deep counter that spans the wall that's shared with the
bathroom-to-be.  The sink will be (if you're in the room, facing the
counter/bathroom direction) on the far left, closest to the door.

Scott I think we're about ready to commit to a drain location.
Wherever that drain hits if the sink is in that corner.

And the other consideration is height.  We want a comfortable working
height for standing people.  Probably around 45-50".  That way we'll
also be able to fit pre-built cabinets under the counter.  Ideally
we'll also have room for some storage space under the sink, which is
fairly shallow. Probably chemical storage.

Ben is going to get some supplies for the counter, and we need to keep
an eye out for the following:

-A small fridge, <40" high
-short filing cabinet or drawers--ideally not just a standard 2 drawer
filing cabinet, but one with shallower drawers.  A wider piece of
furniture with shallow drawers (like in the shop) would be great for
storing small stuff and paper.  Light tight a plus.
-small, short shelves.  It would be nice to put some shelves under the
enlarger tables.

And what about wall-mount shelving?  Are our walls stable?  I assume
if we go into a couple studs this would be ok.  We'll need more
storage in there.

We also need to get a bunch of sweeps and stuff to light seal the
door.  Probably Ben and I will deal with this.


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