[Darkroom] light sealing the darkroom... and paint?

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 02:39:50 UTC 2010

I might have to wait on electrical for some of this (but I'll consult
with Ian on that), but I'm planning to light seal the darkroom over
the next few days.  We're also ready to put in the plumbing which will
of course de-seal the room for a bit, but I think these processes can
still be concurrent.  Ben and Scott and I will be arranging the sink
installation, so if you have opinions, come on by or bug one of us.
We have a counter to build too, so we could definitely use some help.

So today I bought a rubber sweep for the bottom of the door that I'll
install sometime in the next couple days.  I was considering getting
one for the top of the door too cause they're pretty cool.  I'll check
how feasible that seems.  I decided to wait on foam tape or anything
to go around the sides. The best I found was about 1cm thick black
foam for $5 per 10', and I'm not even sure that's light-tight. We
could, of course, cover it with everyone's favorite matte black tape.
Other than the door it's just some wall and corner patching, and
hanging the curtain.

Incidentally, now is probably the time to start considering painting.
We need to prime and then the plan was flat black paint. Are you with
me, Peter? Probably the sink wall should wait until the plumbing is
done, but we can probably get started.


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