[Darkroom] Construction update #2

Sean Cusack sean.p.cusack at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 08:14:04 UTC 2010

'Evening campers!

So, the fan is tied into the darkroom really nicely right now. The fan is
firmly attached through a 4" flexible dryer hose through an angled adapter
on the ceiling which then connects into a series of 6" hoses. As of now,
there are 2x 8' lengths connected (2 more 8' lengths are available, and that
should be all we need. I'm missing 1 6" duct connector...must have forgotten
to buy it). Right now, light sealing is decent - in fact, it may be good
enough, but I'll leave that for the group to decide. There is a little bit
of leaking around the adapter on the roof, but this can definitely be fixed
by layering over my duct taped leak points with some more duct tape. I left
the rest of my roll on top of the roof in case anyone gets inspired and
wants to make it perfect before I get to it next. I tested the fan, and it
blows super hard and doesn't have any leaks through the run of the vent

Before completing the run of the 6" dryer hose to the window by the
bathroom, I wanted to talk to the cool kid who is working on the room next
door to make sure I don't drop the vent path right in his way. Can anyone
let me know who it is? Also, which outlet does the "vent" switch connect to?

As I was walking home, I realized that it would also probably be a good idea
to bolt the fan to the shelf in the darkroom so we don't accidentally rip
the dryer hose if the fan gets knocked around a little bit. A clamp is
already on the side of the fan to make this happen - I just forgot to do it
before I left tonite. I updated the wiki as well to show construction
progress...yay! (https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Darkroom)

The next step is going to be to install an intake for the fan. I think Ben
mentioned the plan was to have 2 non-concentric holes in a wall to prevent
light from getting through. We'd put a dust filter on the inner hole to
prevent crap from outside blowing in. I was thinking it probably makes the
most sense to put the holes in the wall with the enlarger and whatnot in
front of it. I've still got a jigsaw, but won't be able to make it to the
rehab hootenanny on Saturday. Sound good? If so, I can probably get this
done next week. If someone wants to do it earlier, let me know and I can
loan you the tools.

BTW, I actually used duct tape today to tape some ducts for the first time
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