[Darkroom] Darkroom status update + Kirlian test strip results

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 19:43:05 UTC 2010

So, I developed the kirlian photography test strips last night. Some of our
development tanks suck, so we should do an inventory. I made a pretty big
mess before I discovered that.

Also messy was the discovery that the plumbing is leaking. I put two buckets
down there and tried to tighten it but I don't really know what I'm doing.
It looked like it was only loosely attached before I tightened it, and the
second, large sink is still only loosely attached. We should really epoxy
the counter if we're going to do it and then firmly attach it and rig up the
latches on the shelf so we can use the big sink.

Also, we didn't have any disposal tub for water which has been contaminated
with fixer (first rinse) so I used the fixer tub from the Agfa machine and
labeled it as water with fixer. We should use something else long-term.

On a side note, the test strips didn't come out. They're pinned up to dry in
the darkroom if you want to help me diagnose the problem. They're not
opaque, but they have no images on them. It's the Tmax 400 and I developed
it undiluted for 6 1/2 min. They're not transparent (totally unexposed)
either, so I'm guessing the exposure is just from the safelight, which we
used during exposure because we didn't know it was T-Max yet. I'm guessing

Incidentally, it would be awesome to get some ortho film or something we can
actually use with a safelight. I think a film / safelight table would be
good to have in the darkroom, because there are actually a few kinds of

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