[Darkroom] E6 success! and future color dev plans

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 20:30:05 UTC 2011



A few notes on the process and to do items:

- Our digital scale is apparently dead. We bought a new one to weigh
out the part A & Part B of the color developer, which went down to
half-mL measurements. I bought a +/-0.01g scale to do this, but it has
a 100g limit so I am going to see if I can exchange it. I will put the
final scale expenditures on the wiki page and probably solicit
donations to compensate. If you have any specific high-accuracy scale
needs feel free to give me input.

- We really need to empty the fixer waste jug. I started a new one
because the old one is full almost up to the air hole. Anyone know how
we go about dealing with this?

- The negative dryer sucks! How do people get the negs to not flail
around? We weighted the bottom a bit but it didn't seem to help. Also
I don't know what happened to all our neg clips. This is really a
problem that needs to be addressed. Air-drying can result in damage
from drips and stuff. Not to mention dust sticking.

- Should we refrigerate the E6 chems? Right now they are in the tub
under the sink. I will be back Tues to do more development if anyone
wants to join me.

If you plan to use the E6 chems, please check in on this list. I am
pretty paranoid about the chems getting contaminated.


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