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jason chinn jfrombrc at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 15:38:53 UTC 2011

Hello, I dropped off a bunch of our darkroom supplies 11 months ago. We do
40" x 30" pinhole photography at Burning Man. I was hoping to do some more
in SF, but the year flew by. I am leaving today for the playa and I needed
some backup chemistry. Last night I 'borrowed back' 2 bags of developer and
2 bags of fixer that I had left there earlier. I hope to bring these four
bags back by Sept 9.

I also left a giant pinhole camera and some mural roll paper. Is the paper
still around? No worries, just curious.

We needed new cameras so we now have 12 new ones that will be permanently
stored on playa. I have four more in SF if you guys are interested in
burning through the rest of the paper with me. I hope to do 96 shots this
year (8 rolls). If we are not able to do it, I will bring the left over
paper back with the four bags.

This is still under development, you can see shots from last year:
http://ph.magicspark.net/ click on the logo in lower right to see pos/neg

AND, if you want to make some at Burning Man, the darkroom is in Media Mecca
in Center Camp. Pinhole Camp is in Illumination Village @ 3:40 / esplanade.

jason at burningman.com
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