[Darkroom] fujifilm pictography 3500

Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 05:42:16 UTC 2011

New to list !

Spoke with Milo today about exactly the scsi card needed for this machine to
hook up with mac and that I have one or two that should work, but I have to
search through my cable box to find to see if I have the right match or can
make one up.

Read the thread from last month on this and I am a little confused what is
the status of the mac to be used, does it require the Mac OS (re)install to
test ?

I am not sure about the drum issue, is that clear now ?

When I can bring parts over to work, want to have some idea of whether it
can get followed through. I think when it sits half put together is more
like someone grab a piece of the pie for something else, like the mac or the
scsi card that used to be there with the printer ?


My interest helping set up with my Mac S/W and H/W experience (do some
support / service on older machines), getting trained on use of the printer.

I have done a fair amount of work drawing / painting with graphics tablets
with the Mac software called Painter. I would like to make some nice prints,
I have only a bunch of really crappy oversensitive old Epson inkjets. I used
to do photography but my painting / drawing became abstract about color /
shape / dimensionality.
I do not own a good camera (I would hardly ever use it) and I have been
wishing to also photo some of my paintings and if those photos would be
printable. With old camera I have had trouble capturing texture, actually I
am not sure what photographic technique would do that it might be best to
use a film camera ?

Am also challenged to gather together, test, and integrate (free) software
to do good editing at higher bit depths (which probably I suspect related to
texture issues). Have had issues with MyPaint or with finding a nice
platform to run it on, but that seems to be the one to pick, or else Krita.
Moving beyond Painter, I need to do.


p.s. I have done black and white darkroom, my dad taught me as a kid, I took
class 2 semesters in High School, I worked one semester taking care of
chemicals for free darkroom use. That was a long time ago. Beyond HS no
formal art ed except for a few (informal) painting classes again a long time
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