[Darkroom] art opening at Berkeley Lanesplitters April 5th

Ben Rupert meowdip at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 21:23:54 UTC 2011

Hello everyone, as many of you know I'll have a bunch of photos up on
the wall at the Berkeley Lanesplitters for the month of April.  As part
of that there will be an art opening night, which will be 8-9:45 pm on
April 5th.  If the weather cooperates we will be on the back patio,
otherwise indoors, but either way there will be pizza and fruit and
veggie trays.  As the place is fairly small I'm mostly just inviting
some Noisebridge people (mostly the fellow photographers) plus
Lanesplitters regulars (although there are a few random others thrown
in).  That said significant others and, if you have them, your children
are welcome as well.
  I'll be showing a subset of these:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenwithevil/sets/72157626177504573/ which
are high dynamic range (HDR) photos taken with a camera modified to
capture near infrared as well as visible light.  The camera was borrowed
from Noisebridge and in the highly unlikely event that I make any money
over the production costs on selling these photos I'll be donating the
profits to the hackerspace.
  I hope to see you all there, although I know it might be tough to get
to Berkeley on a weeknight for many of you SF and south bay people.


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