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 Hi Danny,

After you left on Friday, I heard back on an email I had sent to Daniel
Reetz a week earlier, and he suggested we contact Noisebridge and look into
working together since you had one of the kits. Synchronicity!

Let me see what Robert has to say about the time frame and I'll get back to
you asap. His email is CCed here btw.

Jude Coelho
Process Manager
Internet Archive

On 5/24/13 6:17 PM, newmy51 at gmail.com wrote:

Hi Jude,

 I write you now from Noisebridge, just beneath the shelf currently home to
the mostly-assembled Reetz kit scanner.  An update has gone out to the
Digital Archivists mailing list (
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Digital_Archivists) with a recap of our
attendance today at IA and the accompanying discussions with yourself,
Robert and Jason Scott.  Though I will almost certainly be out of town for
the occasion, we'd like to put together a time when the kit can be brought
to IA and outfitted with the necessary equipment and/or software to begin
the "beta testing" we discussed this afternoon.  The only way I could
personally participate in that meeting would be if it took place this
coming Tuesday, which I realize may be too short of notice.  Either way,
get back to me when you can with what works for you and we'll plan
accordingly.  And of course, thank you, again, for your advice, generosity,
and interest in our project and its progress.  We look forward to working
with you.

 Very Best.

 -Danny N.

 PS:  Please forward this onto Robert as well (I don't have his email

  Danny Newman*
 Sociedad Micológica de Bolivia

 Mycological Society of San Francisco

Desjardin Lab, Harry D. Thiers Herbarium
San Francisco State University
http://is.gd/Xp5Trj : http://is.gd/89lBCh
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