[Digitalarchivists] book scanner at hackathon

dany.nb at qhex.org dany.nb at qhex.org
Fri Nov 8 23:13:07 UTC 2013

We're planning to set up the book scanner for the hackathon tomorrow
(Saturday) at noon. Please come by if you can!

Some updates:
- we reassembled the scanner, and found that the bungees were missing :(
- we got replacement bungees, which are different and require some
unusual configurations to get the right force, but work fine now
- we mounted the LEDs better
- we tried to get spreads software to work, but it seems to require
CHDK on the cameras

We have a few options now:
- learn CHDK and get the cheaper cameras from Jake
- write a plugin for spreads to support gphoto2
- add an image viewer to the current script as a replacement for spreads

We may be able to get some volunteers at the hackathon to work on
this. It's a good time to stop by, and if you haven't seen the scanner
lately, you should. It looks great!


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