[Digitalarchivists] hackathon results

dany.nb at qhex.org dany.nb at qhex.org
Mon Nov 11 03:31:48 UTC 2013

The scanner was popular and people helped out quite a bit!

We wrote a python version of the shell script and added html output
that lets you see the images as they're scanned. I scanned a book and
was able to process the images with scantailor.

We also got the PowerShot cameras from Jake, found DC plugs to use
with them, and looked into CHDK. We didn't manage to load the
firmware, though. One camera takes messed up pictures and is probably
too broken, but the other seems ok.

Some things to do next:
- Try some OCR software
- Debug and install CHDK
- Find a power supply for the PowerShots (3.15v)


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