[Fab] Laser Cutter room Construction planned for Thursday evening & Z axis Rotary Wheel

Evan Sklar evansklar at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 22:23:50 UTC 2011

Hi All,
Since Alan showed me how to use the Laser cutter last week, I've been
hooked. However the complaints from other Noisebridgers about the smells
from acrylic cutting/rastering got to me, and I've been working on a
replacement for the pieced-together ventilation system for that room/booth.
I got some great fans from Corey, and some design input from Alan and Jake,
and am ready to vent.

I've got a new board with fans almost ready to go, and a supply of
weatherstripping and some screws, caulk, flexible ducting and duct tape, and
plan to install it Thursday evening. I should be able to make it over by 7pm
and hope to get it installed around 8-9. I may have to interrupt any cutting
going on (but will try to schedule around users.) I welcome a volunteer or
two to help out. (there's roof climbing, and scary stairwell tightrope
walking to be done as well. We could also use some sheet/tarp material to
hang over the doorway to help with air isolation. If you've got some, that
would be awesome.

Also, you may notice the wrench to adjust the z-axis is gone... There is a
new rotary wheel (template supplied by the manufacturer) that Alan and I
installed last night. It is now very easy to adjust the Z access without
having to reach under the machine and wrench around... this also makes it
easy to "bottom out" the z axis adjustment screws, so be careful and don't
do that. It was a pain to fix last time!

I welcome your input/assistance.

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