[Fab] George and Gracie Update

Elijah Post elijahpost at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 06:48:34 UTC 2012

*This email, In short.*
I just want to let folks know that I will continue building the two new 3D
printers for Noisebridge as soon as I'm out of school.

*The longer version of this email for anyone who cares/is curious:*
We are coming up on 8 months since we started the project, and we've
progressed very little. That's about to change. For those who didn't know,
George and Gracie is a project to build two 3D Printers that live at
Noisebridge. They are far superior to the Cupcake CNC's that currently live
there and will make excellent additions to the existing fleet.

The following is a list of three things I would like to do to make the
machine even more awesome:

-I would like to completely rebuild the frames of these machines from
scratch and make them Ronthomp Mendels (meaning that their frames are
mostly 3D printed)
The frames will not be stock ronthomp frames. I have made several
modifications to make the frame more stiff and less susceptible to wobble.
-I'm also going to futz with an idea for the Y-axis which may increase the
maximum build height by 30%.
-In addition, I'm going to go with PLA bushings all the way. They're free
and smooth and by the time they wear out, they will already have been

I will get to it as soon as I'm finished with High School (5-6 weeks)
Elijah Louis Spenser Post
Volunteer Mechanic (San Francisco Bike Kitchen)
Teacher (NoiseRep at Noisebridge)
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