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Thanks for the update Chris.
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Our drill press needs some TLC.

The chuck socket fell off the arbor last night. The chuck was  spinning
eccentrically just prior. I followed directions on the URL below to
reinstall it. I discovered the arbor has been badly scored. I can't figure
out how the arbor comes out of the drill press. I didn't attempt to force
it out or anything. I just looked at a blurry parts diagram below and did a
google search...no luck.

I de-burred the arbor with a fine file and cleaned it with steel wool and
acetone. Put the chuck on with a twist and thwack of a wood insulated
hammer blow. All of this with the chuck jaws wide open. It spins much more
centered but it's not as good as it was just last week.

It's a Ryobi WDP1850:





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