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Greetings Fabricators of Noisebridge.

In case you aren't following the events on noisebridge-discuss, I'm
forwarding them along. In addition to the news below, Hao is leading an
effort to Inventory and sort the hackshelves in their current state (which
won't require noisebridge to 'shut down' per se, but really requires
temporary use of hackitorium table space for sorting); and a  few others
are joining in to lend a hand with this project.  Please don't be shy if
you're interested in helping out.


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Hi noisebridge,

I've rearranged all SMD parts in NB to an easier to use state, on the east
most shelf in Hacker Corner. Spools are on screwed bars, which mounted on a
big plastic lidless box. (Anybody want to help me with my English? please
point out any mistake I made. I know there's a lot.)
Jake, Miloh and I work together, make an index of all these parts.
I've added it to wiki. check out the google speadsheet link.

It's easy to add new SMD spool to the box. Remember to add them in the
spreadsheet though.
We left 1 scissor and 1 magnifying glass there, feel free to use them.

It helps my project a lot. Hope it will help yours.

Also, there are something that can make this SMD storage place better: we
need 1 more screwed bar (check out the length in Hacker Corner) and several
M8 (imperial) nuts. M8 washers will be good, too.
We can also use more M4 screws and nuts.

Miloh mentioned that the plastic box that holds all spools should be
supported with other materials such as plywood, so, improve the box in a
way you want.

Jake says he can sort and index all other electronic parts in one day,
which is something I would very much like to help. However, he need
Noisebridge to shut down for one day to do that, because he needs a lot
more temporary space. I suggest we discuss this on the meeting tomorrow

DORA = DORA Opensource Robotic Assistant

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